Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Tuesday 5th june

Harry, was very lethargic this morning, but it transpired from his daily blood counts that he needed a platelet transfusion. This was given in the afternoon. He then summoned enough energy to do some painting and has created 'the tarn'! Harry's neutrophils ate 0.45 today, they were 0.18 yesterday do he is recovering well. We saw Harry's consultant today and she is impressed with his progress! She even thought it wasn't unrealistic that we should get away for our Candlelighters holiday in Filey in July. So we have some hope for some forthcoming fun! Harry has been through so much, more than you can ever even imagine at the beginning of this process. He deserves some fun. I do hope the sun shines upon us! We have met a new family who's daughter most likely has Lymphoma cancer, but is undergoing tests to confirm this. Their world came crashing down around them on Friday and so their Jubilee weekend has been a wash out literally. We told them how far we have cone and they were truly overwhelmed at our journey so far. It's strange as they may well have a similar journey ahead, but at the beginning you cannot envisage living with cancer for months ahead. It's just about 7 months in our case. They are probably at thd beginning of all this and they are just getting their heads around it all. I know on thd children's oncology ward a fortnight ago there were 9 new cases of diagnosed cancer. I can so truly remember those first few weeks, like it was yesterday. So as we are hopefully heading towards the last couple of legs of our treatment plan, we know that there are many at the beginning. So today we feel that we are coming out of the other side of this bit if the treatment plan and the light at the end if the tunnel is in sight! Kansas city is once again on the horizon and the tin man will have a heart!

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